VSI5X Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Output size : Various size

Production capacity : Up to 640TPH

Patented product, Wide application

VSI5X Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher is popular in the market. This machine can satisfy customers’ requirements about efficiency and capacity, because its service life is increased by 48%, the costs are reduced by 30%, and the throughput of materials is improved by 30%.

Applications: Mechanism sand, bituminous concrete, metal mine, aggregates shaping

Working Principle

When entering into impeller, the raw material can be crushed directly by hitting impact plate after it is accelerated and threw out. The raw material can also be divided into two parts by material-dividing plate. One falls down from all around. The other enters into impeller and is accelerated, threw out and collides with the falling material and hit, rebound with impact plate. The circulation hits repeats. As the crushing is moving forward, small particle materials will gradually form a material bed around the impact plate which can improve the crushing effect and protect the machine. The desired artificial sand comes downwards though outlet finally.

Specifications – Technical Data

1. Main technical parameters:

Throughput capacity (t/h)Center and Ring feeding150~280240~380350~540500~640
Center feeding70~140120~190180~280250~360
Max. Feed Size (mm)Soft material<35<40<45<50
Hard material<30<35<40<45
Rotation speed (r/min)1700~19001500~17001300~15101100~1310
Power of double motor (KW)2×75 (100)2×110 (150)2×160 (220)2×220 (300)
Overall dimension L×W×H (mm)4100×2330×23004140×2500×27004560×2600×29005000×2790×3320
Weight (t)8.611.817.527.5
Thin oil lubrication stationPower for double oil pump2×0.25(0.33)
SafetyTO make sure the supply of the oil with double oil pump; stop working without oil or hydraulic pressure; temperature falls when the water cool;start the motor by heating it in winter
Power for oil box heater2 KW
Overall dimension L×W×H (mm)820×520×1270

Note: Capacity depends on crushing limestone, material size, moisture and features also affect capacity.

2. Lubricating system parameter:

Oil box volume (L)240
Rated pressure (MPa)0.63
Flow capacity (L/min)8
Power (KW)0.31
Cooling water consumption (m3/h)≥1.2
Electrical heating voltage (V)220
MediumBearing oil 32—46#