European Impact Crusher

Output size : Depends on the material

Production capacity : Up to 300TPH

Semi-Automatization, Standardization

Combining outstanding manufacturing process and accurate analytic technique, European Type Impact Crusher has been launched to market. This machine takes advantages of safety operation and large carrying capacity, particularly, the semi automatic adjusting device highlights intellectualization and advancement.

Applications: Ore crushing, railway, highway, energy, cement, chemical industry, construction, etc

Learn More About Liming® European Type Impact Crusher

1. Adoption of the world-class manufacturing processes and selection of the most high-end raw materials.

2. Heavy type rotor design and strict testing method to guarantee high quality rotor.

3. Adoption of the Integral cast steel structure on bearing seat makes it matches well with the crushing frame and increases the radial strength of it, while the divided design does not has this advantage.

4. The unique fixing device for hammers,make it more reliable.

5. The hydraulic adjusting device makes the maintenance easier and less.

6. Self-equipped open-top device can quickly complete the replacement of wearing parts such as the hammer.

7. Selection of the bearing with larger size and higher load.

8. Finite element analysis on the rotor to ensure its performance more stable and reliable.

Working Principle

European Type Impact Crusher is a kind of crusher which crush the raw material by using impact energy. When enter the zone of the board hammer, the raw material is crushed by the high-speed impact of it. And then the raw material is threw up to the impact device installed on the rotor and is crushed again. Then the raw material is crushed for another time when it is rebounded from impact liner to the zone of board hammer. The process repeats until the raw material is crushed into the desired size and discharges from the bottom of the machine. The final product size and shape can be changed by adjusting the gap between impact frame and rotor frame. European Type Impact Crusher adopts spring safety device behind the impact liner. When the non-crushed items enter the crusher chamber, the impact frame front and back will be draw back and the non-crushed items will be discharged from machine.

Specifications – Technical Data

Table 1: for crusher with three crushing chambers

ModelRotor size (mm)Feed opening (mm)Max. Feed size (mm)capacity (t/h)Power (kW)weight (t)Overall dimension (mm)

Table 2: for crusher with two crushing chambers

ModelRotor size (mm)Feed opening (mm)Max. Feed size (mm)capacity (t/h)Power (kW)weight (t)Overall dimension (mm)